Cuala Men’s Football – 6 Nations Forecast (5 Forecast Entries – 40)

Predict the handicap adjusted winner for each game in the 2024 Six-Nations Rugby Competition and win a cash prize.

The entry with the most amount of correct predictions will be the winner.

*In the event of a tie between two or more entries, the winner will be decided by who is closest to predicting the total amount of tournament tries across the 15 games.

The points handicap is being received (+) or given (-) by the away team.

For instance in the France v Ireland game, Ireland are receiving a 2.5 point start from France. Thus if you select France in this game, then they need to win the game by at least 3 points for your selection to win. Conversely if you select Ireland, if they lose by 2 points, draw or win the game, then your selection wins.

Likewise in the Italy v England match, England are giving the Italians a 17.5 point start, thus England need to win the game by at least 18 points for that selection to win.

DEADLINE: All forecasts must be submitted before 8.00pm Friday 2nd February 2024